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What is FOCUS?

• a five-level upper secondary course

• exams oriented learning path for state and private school students

• a course structured to promote motivation, memory and meaning

• a unique approach to teaching and learning vocabulary

• clear and intuitive lessons allowing teachers to teach-off-the-page

• a course closely aligned to Global Scale of English learning objectives

FOCUS methodology is built around the 3Ms – MOTIVATION, MEMORY and MEANING. These key concepts underpin the benefits of the course for learners and signal its pedagogical effectiveness to teachers.


• topics, texts and tasks that engage students both intellectually and emotionally

• constant reference to students' life experiences and the things they aspire to

• language is brought to life through grammar animations, interactive videos and culturally relevant clips


• unique approach to vocabulary acquisition via the Word Store

• language acquisition is driven by careful recycling of vocabulary and grammar

• exam skills are reinforced by Cambridge and PTE General practice booklets


• content students want to read, listen and talk about

• every exercise is relevant to students’ lives

• frequent personalisation ensures students' engagement every step of the way

FOCUS is a five-level upper secondary course designed to align with the learning objectives of the Global Scale of English and Common European Framework.